Revision of DVLA visual requirements for Group 2 drivers

In March 2013, the visual acuity requirements for LGV and PCV drivers has changed. Previously the acuity required was 6/12 in the worse eye and 6/9 in the better eye, which has now been changed to 6/7.5 in the good eye. This may affect any companies with employees who require a group 2 licence to do their job and their vision will be checked against the new standard at their next assessment which is usually at first licence application, then at age 45 years and five-yearly thereafter. It may also affect some commercial drivers, people who need to drive their cars or light vans as part of their day to day work. Many of these only need a group 1 or car licence but may need to satisfy group 2 medical rules for their job. Please enquire about medical assessments for your employees who need to drive for work.