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COVID-19 Occupational Health At Work

Newcastle & Edinburgh Occupational Health Provider

Our Newcastle & Edinburgh Occupational Health clinics are open providing our SEQOHS Accredited services

Our clinic is open and is continuing to provide our SEQOHS Accredited occupational health services, to keep your employees safe. Our clinic has been risk assessed and we have implemented social distancing, with our clinical team wearing full PPE and rigorous hygiene procedures in place.

However, employees with appointments in the clinic should not attend if they have a new persistent cough, a fever or loss of sense of either taste or smell, instead they should follow advice from Public Health England about self isolation in this case. We can provide replacement telephone consultations at your allotted appointment time if necessary.

You can see the different occupational medicals that we are continuing to deliver below:

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Face to Face

We are open for face to face occupational health medicals at our clinic, being: RUK, OGUK, ENG1 and safety critical medicals. Our clinic has been risk assessed with robust coronavirus (Covid-19) safety procedures in place.


Our Occupational Health Physicians and Senior Occupational Health Nurses are providing teleconsultations, being: absence management assessments for employees and coronavirus (Covid-19) support.

Online Services

We are continuing to carry out our services online as before, being: online new starter, health surveillance, DSE and night worker assessments. Contact us to request our online occupational health services for your employees.

What we are doing to keep everyone safe who visits our occupational health clinics

OH3 treats the health and safety of our staff and clients as the main priority. Currently we are offering some types of face to face appointments at our Occupational Health clinic in Newcastle, required for; safety critical medicals, offshore (OGUK medicals) and ENG1 medicals. Our clinic in Edinburgh is open for certain medicals however our Teesside clinic remains closed at the current time.

We have conducted a detailed risk assessment of the clinic in relation to coronavirus (Covid-19) to safeguard our clinical team and those attending medicals. This includes the building, each task performed in relation to coronavirus (Covid-19) as well as social distancing and safe working practices.

The changes to our Newcastle Occupational Health practice include:

• Coronavirus symptom screening questionnaire on arrival
• Hand sanitising area for clients in each room
• Disposable gloves provided on immediate arrival for all clients and face masks provided if staff are to be within 2 meter distance of the client
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), being gloves and masks to be worn by all staff and face visors worn as well if staff are within 2m distance of customers
• Investment in distancing e-medical equipment such as electronic long-lead stethoscopes
• A maximum of two people in the reception area if used and chairs and handles wiped clean between each client visit
• Where possible staff will stay over 2m away from clients unless essential
• Individual treatment areas and equipment that are non-disposable are cleaned before and after use
• Staggered appointment start times and clients asked not to bring colleague or family to appointment (OH3 female chaperones are available for female clients)
• Traffic light system for safe movement throughout our clinics
• Increased cleaning processes throughout the clinic
• Clear signage and guidance on social distancing
• Client escorted by a staff member throughout their visit

Directions to our Newcastle Occupational Health Clinic

Occupational health services and support for the current coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

OH3 Occupational Health is here to support you and your employees during this challenging time. We have detailed information regarding coronavirus and our occupational health services for Covid-19 below. As well as this you can use the links underneath this text to see additional information from a wide range of useful sources:

Useful links for additional coronavirus information:

UK Government coronavirus guidance – should be checked regularly 
NHS coronavirus (COVID-19) advice – important medical advice for everyone
Public Health England coronaviruspublic health updates and guidance 
World Health Organisation COVID-19 infogeneral developments on the pandemic 
– Mind COVID-19 mental health advice – support for mental well-being 
HSE coronavirus guidanceinformation and advice for the workplace

UK Government COVID-19 business supportadvice and help for business owners
RoSPA coronavirus guidance for employersfurther information for employers 

Coronaviruses are a common family of viruses & one of the main causes of the ordinary cold. In general, for four out of five people who have Covid-19, symptoms will be mild, & recovery will occur without the need for GP or hospital treatment. Symptoms of the virus include fever & a cough that can potentially progress to pneumonia characterised by shortness of breath & breathing difficulties, as well as loss of or change to sense of taste or smell. Those at increased risk from the virus are people aged over 70, those who are pregnant and people with certain pre-exisiting medical conditions, such as those listed below, which may increase the risks of Covid-19: 

• lung conditions, such as asthma, COPD, emphysema or bronchitis
• heart disease, such as heart failure
• chronic kidney disease
• liver disease, such as hepatitis
• conditions affecting the brain and nerves, such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), a learning disability or cerebral palsy
• diabetes
• problems with your spleen – for example, sickle cell disease or if you’ve had your spleen removed
• a weakened immune system as the result of conditions such as HIV and AIDS, or medicines such as steroid tablets or chemotherapy
• being very overweight (a BMI of 40 or above)

Source: NHS UK

Our occupational health coronavirus (Covid-19) services 

At OH3 our expert occupational health clinical team have planned a range of services to help support employers and managers responsible for staff members during the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

COVID-19 Return-to-Work Assessments For Employees

Covid-19 return-to-work assessments for employees are used to provide fitness for work guidance to employees returning from a period of self-isolation or following either symptoms or a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19. Our coronavirus return-to-work assessment can help ensure you safeguard your workforce during the current coronavirus pandemic as colleagues are reintroduced to the workforce after they have received a diagnosis or experienced symptoms associated with the virus. 

COVID-19 Health Risk Assessments

OH3’s coronavirus medical risk assessment service is a vital tool for employers to use. This health risk assessment will allow you to assess how vulnerable a member of your team is in relation to becoming severely ill if they did get infected with Covid-19. This service will allow management to plan how they protect their workforce as their business continues to operate during the current coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Mental Health Support Package For Employees

As you will already be aware many employees are feeling anxious at the moment due to the coronavirus outbreak. While the pandemic will have an impact on most employees in some way, employees who were already struggling with mental health issues prior to the outbreak may find the current circumstances especially challenging. OH3 are providing a coronavirus support package for businesses to help employees with any mental health concerns or anxieties regarding coronavirus.

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Occupational health service testimonials

Below is feedback from our occupational health clients, which is collected and verified as part of receiving SEQOHS Accreditation:


Clinic Feedback:

“All our employees felt at ease with the nurse and it helped show our employees that we have their health as our concern”


Clinic Feedback:

“I have no negatives to report regarding the performance of the staff at OH3 Ltd”


Clinic Feedback:

“I have always found Dr O’Reilly and his staff – including admin staff – to be extremely helpful”


Clinic Feedback:

“Very happy with the service provided. Onsite visits are ideal for what our company needs. I’ve found all staff members to be very polite and helpful”