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COVID-19 Testing Services

Newcastle & Edinburgh Occupational Health Provider

General PCR Testing

We are offering PCR tests for general employment and travel purposes, such as for those who require to go abroad to work. The PCR throat and nose swab test can be used in order to demonstrate that an employee is currently showing as negative for covid-19 at the time of testing. This appointment that we are carrying out at OH3 is designed for employees who require tests for employment purposes but may not at present meet the criteria for NHS testing services. It may be useful for some offshore workers, seafarers, or other workers requiring to fly to other countries.

General covid-19 PCR testing:

Next day result – £175
48 hour result – £125

Test To Release PCR

Our covid-19 test to release service has been approved by the UK Government and will be carried out at our Newcastle clinic by one of our trained healthcare professionals. A swab sample will be taken from the throat and nose and will then be sent to our laboratory for analysis, with results in 24 to 48 hours from arrival at the laboratory. The appointment will take around 15mins approximately and is designed to be used in conjunction with the UK Government test to release programme for international travellers returning to the UK.

Test to release covid-19 PCR:

Next day result – £175
48 hour result – £125

Same Day Test Result

We have now launched our covid-19 same day result service. If you book this test and choose an appointment time at or before 11.45am from our Newcastle clinic, your sample will go on our lunchtime courier service to the laboratory for analysis. It will be tested and the result reported to you on the same day.

This service can be used for both test to release or general covid-19 testing requirements and guarantees a much faster result. Our same day testing service is for those requring a prompt result from their covid-19 test.

Same day covid-19 PCR test result – £250
UK Private Postal Covid-19 PCR Test

Postal PCR Testing

OH3 is now able to provide postal covid-19 PCR tests. These are suitable for use either for employment or travel purposes. As the test is carried out yourself, then transported by post, this understandably takes longer than in-person PCR covid testing, which makes this type of test unsuitable for ‘test to release’ appointments.

This service is designed for those who require a covid-19 test but are not eligible for NHS testing services. If your test is not required to be urgently undertaken then our postal method could be suitable as it is carried out yourself at home and posted at your own leisure. Full instructions on how to take the test and return postage will be sent with the consignment. Generally this will arrive at your address 1-2 working days after the order is placed on our website, with the sample needing to be taken on the day it is posted and importantly posted by no later than 3.30pm in a Royal Mail Priority Post Box the same day. This will then arrive with OH3 the next working day and be processed in our laboratory that day, with a result reported to you by 4pm the following day.

Postal PCR testing:

48 to 72 hour result – £110

Covid-19 Coronavirus PCR Testing Services Newcastle

OH3 is a UK Government approved provider of both covid-19 test to release and covid-19 general PCR testing services. Our trained healthcare professionals have been carrying out coronavirus covid-19 tests using PCR throat and nose swab appointments since the start of the current pandemic. This is at our SEQOHS accredited Newcastle occupational health clinic.

We have availability and approval to carry out test to release, general PCR testing and same day result appointments. Our same day service has now been launched and brought into our other covid-19 testing services. At present our covid-19 PCR testing results are guaranteed within 48 hours as standard with an option for a same day result appointment.

Please be aware that none of our PCR testing services are for those who are presenting symptoms of covid-19 coronavirus, which include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

More information on our covid-19 testing services

You can find more information on our covid-19 PCR testing services using the links below. 

If you need to contact us to discuss your PCR covid-19 appointment, then please do so on: 0191 640 9395

General PCR Testing

Our general testing service is for general travel and employment requirements. The PCR test is used to determine that an employee is currently showing as negative for coronavirus covid-19 at the time of testing, designed for those that do not at present meet the criteria for NHS testing services, such as those required to fly to other countries from the UK during the time of the coronavirus pandemic for work purposes.

Info on our general PCR testing services

Test To Release PCR

During the current pandemic, if you arrive in the UK from a country that is not on the UK Government travel corridor list, then you will be required to self-isolate. This requires you to stay at home for a period of ten full days. However with an approved test to release service provider, which OH3 is, you can reduce this period of self-isolation following a negative test result.

Info on our test to release PCR services

Same Day Test Result

Our same day service test result is designed to speed up the standard approximate time for our general and test to release coronavirus result, by allowing a quicker result and positive/negative confirmation to be received. We have launched this service which will allow a test result to be returned same day for early morning appointments. 

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Postal PCR Testing

Our postal covid-19 tests are suitable for those who require a test for employment or travel purposes and who do not meet NHS testing criteria. These tests are transported by post so understandably this takes longer to receive your result than an in person test, with the test carried out at home yourself. Full instructions for taking the sample and return postage is provided. Due to the length of time that these tests take to receive a result it makes them unsuitable for ‘test to release’ appointments. If your result is not returned to you 48-72 hours after the time of return postage then you can choose to forgo recieving the result and instead choose a refund of the inital cost, or opt to take another test if preferrable.

There are many factors in postal covid-19 testing that are out of OH3’s control and we recommend this service in cases that are not urgent time-wise. We thank those who choose this service for their understanding in advance.

More info on our postal covid-19 PCR test coming soon