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While travelling, if you are returning to the United Kingdom from a country that is not on the UK Government’s travel corridor list, then you will need to self-isolate. This means that you cannot leave your home for a period of ten full days. OH3 are offering our coronavirus covid-19 test to release service where you can now reduce your self-isolation return time by taking a test with ourselves as an official UK government approved supplier.

OH3 is an official UK Government provider for test to release, this is for travellers returning to the UK and not returning to any other destination. The test to release service allows international travellers to reduce their period of self-isolation by booking a private covid-19 test through an approved UK Government test to release provider, which OH3 Limited is.

At OH3 we provide our in-clinic testing at our Newcastle Clinic. Our Newcastle upon Tyne Clinic will be providing our covid-19 test to release service: Monday to Friday until 3pm. Please note that if your five day test date falls on a weekend, we regret to inform you that we currently cannot provide weekend appointments for testing at this current time. We are planning to begin carrying out postal home kit testing sometime in February 2021. This service will be available for order through our website and details will be released soon.

Follow the link here to book your Covid-19 test-to-release appointment

Am I eligible for the covid-19 test to release service?

The UK Government approved covid-19 test to release program only covers certain areas, which are subject to change depending on a number of factors in relation to the current covid-19 pandemic.

This list is constantly changing in line with new developments in relation to the pandemic, these changes occur without notice. It is strongly advised that 24 hours before the end of your trip you check whether the country you are returning to the UK from is or is not on the government travel corridor list.

Information on our in clinic test to release service

It is important that you only book your covid-19 test on the date that is five full days from the time that you depart the county that you are returning to the UK from. For example, if you leave at 12- midday on a Monday, you cannot book your covid-19 test before 12-midday on the fifth full day, which would be Saturday. If an appointment is booked within the wrong time, then the UK Government system will deny your test to release result. (Please note we do not currently offer weekend appointments in clinic and postal collections at weekends are limited).

Appointment times available

Our in clinic appointments for test-to-release have to be completed by 3:00pm each day, or completed the following day if not due to courier arrangements.

If you meet the criteria for test to release then you can book your appointment from OH3. It is your responsibility to confirm that you are eligible for this service. OH3 Limited can accept no liability for testing that does not meet the UK Government’s strict guidance for the test to release program.
Covid-19 test to release postal kit for use at home

At this time currently our postal kit service is unavailable, this service will be available shortly and details are to follow soon.

How do I order or book my covid-19 test to release?

For appointments in our clinic you can book by selecting the link directly underneath this text. The cost of our covid-19 test is £162 with payment due at the time of booking via the website. If all booked slots have been taken for your date of choice, please call 0191 640 9395 or email covid19@oh3.co.uk

Book your covid-19 test to release appointment by following the link here

How does the test to release program operate?

You will arrive from your country of departure into England, from a country that the UK Government requires you to self-isolate from upon return. You must then go straight to your place of self-isolation on arrival and begin your period of self-isolation following the UK government guidance around this, which can be located by clicking the link here:

Self-isolating when you arrive in the UK

You will be required to fill in the UK Government passenger locator form.


Day zero

Leave your country of departure and travel internationally into England. Your five day period before you can engage in test to release starts from the day that you leave the country of departure. If you arrive into England on the same day that you left your country of departure, then that day is day zero and the following day will be day one.


Day five

With the five day testing period beginning on day zero, you need to book your test with us on day five.


Day six

Your test will be carried out on day five and the sample will have been taken from you at our clinic. As this was taken on day five, it will then arrive at the lab for analysis on day six.


Day seven/eight

You will receive the results of your covid-19 test. If the result of this test is negative then you can end your period of self-isolation upon receiving the negative result. If the result of your test comes back as positive for covid-19, then you must remain in self-isolation for another ten days. This will begin on the day that the covid-19 test was taken. Anyone you live or are staying with in your household must also self-isolate for ten days, regardless of any results of covid-19 tests taken before this date.

 How to make a booking for our covid-19 test to release service

To have a test please book an appointment, to do so follow steps 1-2-3 below.

You can also download our terms and conditions of sale for PCR Swab Testing by clicking the link here:

You can download our covid-19 PCR test terms and conditions of sale here

Step one

1. Ensure that you complete the government ‘Passenger Travel Locator’ form

Step two

2. Following this complete our OH3 online booking form, available using the link below

Step three

3. If all booked slots have been taken for your date of choice, please call 0191 640 9395 or email cov19@oh3.co.uk

Book a covid-19 test to release appointment

Click here for test to release appointment booking

Frequently asked questions about the Government test to release program and approved suppliers like OH3

Below we have prepared a series of answers to frequently asked questions about covid-19 test to release.

If I visit the clinic in person will my test be carried out sooner?

The test can only be carried out a minimum of five days after you leave the country with quarantine restrictions. This is the same for postal tests also, in person covid-19 test to release will be carried out Monday to Friday. Currently no test to release service is available at our clinics on a weekend.

Please be aware that you must go immediately from the sea port or airport of your arrival to your place of self-isolation. You must not leave your place of self-isolation, further information can be found here: How to self-isolate when you travel to England

How long am I required to self-isolate on return from a country that is on the quarantine list?

If you do not have a negative covid-19 test result on this scheme, then you will be required to self-isolate for a period of ten days. While you self-isolation is underway, you will need to stay at home and not leave home for any reason. You will need to arrange deliveries of food, medicine and everything else that you require.

Under the test to release program, on the fifth day of your self-isolation period after departure from the quarantine country that is not on the UK Government travel corridor list, you can then take a covid-19 test from an approved supplier such as OH3 Limited, with your period of self-isolation ending if your test result shows as negative.

What happens if I have covid-19 symptoms when I want to use the test to release service?

If you are presenting symptoms of covid-19 when you are wanting to book your test and release appointment then this service is not for you. You must in this case arrange an NHS test and seek their guidance for what to do if you are ill with covid-19, with the information for this available here:

NHS test to check if you have coronavirus

Will I need to self-isolate if I take a trip abroad?

If you are returning home to England from one of the government travel corridor countries then you are not required to self-isolate. These travel corridors are changing regularly and often without any notice at all. It is recommended that you check this immediately before you travel. You can find more information on this here:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): travel corridors

Is there anywhere I can find further information on the UK Government test to release?

You can find more information located on UK Governments test to release here:

Test to release for international travel

Will I be able to leave my house or hotel once I have taken the test?

Your period of self-isolation can only end when you have received a negative covid-19 test result. Until this point you must continue self-isolation.

I live in Scotland / Wales, can I use the test to release service?

Test to release applies only to England, as Scotland and Wales have devolved health policy with separate regulations concerning this area.

Does covid-19 test to release cost, if so how much?

The test to release scheme is carried out by private UK Government approved suppliers. You have to pay for this test as it is not undertaken by the NHS. The current cost for this test carried out by OH3 is £162 for a typical 36-48hr turnaround time (times not guaranteed).

What is the turnaround time for the results of the test?

If you are able to it is recommended that you visit our Newcastle clinic to have you covid-19 test to release carried out. Any samples taken here will be transported to the lab for analysis by couriers overnight, meaning that processing can be the next day in most cases. The typical turnaround time for the results is 36-48hrs from arrival at the lab, however this cannot always be guaranteed.

Test to release in our occupational health clinic is available from Monday to Friday, there is no test to release service currently at our clinic over the weekend.

What happens if my result is inconclusive?

On very rare occasions a result may be returned as inconclusive, which means it could not be determined if your result was either positive or negative for the presence of covid-19. In this rare instance information from the UK government is provided below:

“If the result from your test is inconclusive you must continue to self-isolate. You can choose to take another privately provided test to find out if you can stop self-isolating early. You may be fined if you do not self-isolate. The fine is £1,000 for the first time, up to £10,000 for further breaches.”