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Online Employee Training Courses

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Online Employee Training Courses

We have launched a series of online training courses for your employees

OH3 has been a provider of SEQOHS Accredited occupational health services for many years including online DSE assessments. We are excited to now offer our clients a much wider range of online learning covering Manual Handling and other health and safety topics, Equality and Diversity and many others. Please contact us for further information on any of our 70 courses.

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The OH3 online DSE display screen equipment usage course

Correct display screen equipment usage is vitally important for employee health and the productivity of an organisation. OH3 has been carrying out display screen equipment assessments with our highly experienced occupational health clinical team for a long time, we have been very concerned to see the growingly prevalence of DSE issues in recent years. This is especially with the onset of mass home working following the covid-19 pandemic. Our team do an excellent job of assisting employees suffering with DSE ill health as a result of their work, but we strongly believe that proper education and guidance around DSE is the most effective prevention for conditions associated.

We are also delighted to be able to offer a wide range of additional online courses, designed to train your staff in the workplace covering a wide range of topics.

What is display screen equipment?

Display screen equipment is classed as alphanumeric or graphic display screens used during the course of an employees work to carry out certain tasks. This would of course include a computer used for work, either in an office or whilst working from home during the current covid-19 pandemic.

Incorrect usage of display screen equipment can lead to various ill health effects. Not using DSE equipment properly, or designing employee’s workstations incorrectly can lead to a series of health issues ranging from; fatigue, eye strain and pain in the wrists, arms, back, shoulders as well as the neck.

The health implications of DSE within your organisation

DSE health problems can have a serious impact on the wellbeing of your employees and the productivity of your organisation. Often these issues can lead to time off work or difficulty undertaking screen and desk based tasks by employees. Through our occupational health practice, our specially trained Occupational Health Advisors conduct many DSE (display screen equipment) assessments for clients all around the UK. During these assessments we conduct a detailed examination of an employees workstation to ensure that this is set up correctly as well as evaluating any previous or current health problems which may be exacerbated by the employees workstation which can be back pain, headaches or limb problems. Following this a detailed report is sent on to recommend adjustments and changes or advice on medical/therapy intervention if it is required.

A lack of education around correct display screen equipment usage

We have found that many issues arise from incorrect DSE usage due to a lack of education around the proper use of display screen equipment, our clinical team address the most serious DSE cases that get referred to us, but many of these could have been avoided with early intervention in the form of training and guidance.

This situation has been further exacerbated by the onset of mass home working during the current covid-19 pandemic. Previously workstations could be more effectively regulated to be safe in related to correct DSE usage when all employees worked together in the office. With widespread homeworking recommended by the UK government during the current covid-19 pandemic, this is now not the case and we have seen DSE health issues rapidly increase as a result.

How OH3 can help with training and guidance on this issue

This has prompted us to launch our revised DSE display screen equipment online employee training module. Every employer must ensure that their employees are provided with adequate training on the safe use of workstations in order to comply with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992. Our new DSE display screen equipment health learning module is designed to designed to give your employees the skills and knowledge on how to use workstations correctly and safely in order to minimise the health and safety risks associated with incorrect use.

The course is for any member of your team working with display screen equipment, workstations and laptops. It covers the legal framework around DSE usage, hazards, potential health effects, common misconceptions, users, those at risk, conducting an assessment and what to do as a follow-up.

Details of our online DSE training course

OH3’s online DSE Assessment takes approximately 30 – 40minutes to complete, the module contains a total of 53 slides which is made up of display screen equipment usage information and guidance. This includes a 10 question quiz at the end of the assessment, for which there is a 80% pass mark to complete.

Following the course, we can also add an OH3 DSE online health assessment form to be sent to your employees for them to fill out and submit, with their answers reviewed by one of our Occupational Health Nurses.

The company is then issued with a certificate of e-learning for each employee who completes the module and achieves a pass rate of above 80% in the quiz. Those who also conduct the health questionnaire and we identify are experiencing problems such as frequent headaches, back ache or wrist pain whilst using their computer at work can be followed up with a telephone consultation by a member of our nurse occupational health team.

Booking your employees onto the course

The cost for this online training is £25.00 plus VAT per Employee. For bookings of 25 employees or more a discount is available. Companies are invoiced and payment terms are strictly 30 days.

If you inform us of how many employees you would like to complete the assessment with their names and email addresses we will then send each log in details including a temporary password for our online learning portal. We have the ability to set up a user within your organisation who can manage the course within your company, such as a member of your HR team, in which they can easily add new users to the course and monitor their progress through this.

SEQOHS Accredited occupational health provider

OH3 is a SEQOHS Accredited health provider based in both Newcastle and Edinburgh, we offer occupational health services UK-wide and have worked to deliver work station health assessments for (DSE) for many years. During the work of our clinical team we have been concerned to see a sustained increase in display screen equipment related health issues

Our SEQOHS accreditation

Display screen equipment (DSE) health for employees

As a result of the covid-19 pandemic with the onset of mass home working an increasing number of employees are working incorrectly with display screen equipment. Previously in an office, as all employees worked together in a single property, it was more easy to regulate the safe use of display screen equipment amongst staff. With home working employers have less control over DSE use amongst their employees. We have found that with home working, the best prevention of DSE related health issues is effective training and guidance.

Our occupational health services

A wide range of online employee training courses available

Alongside our DSE display screen equipment course, OH3 can also provide a very wide range of different employee training courses for use in the workplace amongst your colleagues. For more information on these please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, we have courses to suit almost all workplaces with a list of those that may be relevant to your business on the enquiry form listed at the bottom of this web page.

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