Occupational Health Services and professionals for your business

To provide that special mix of skill, intuition and balance your organisation requires, it takes doctors and nurses with special training and aptitude. To provide the care your employees deserve whilst simultaneously looking after the economical, legal and PR needs of the company takes high calibre people. OH3 professionals have the training and the commitment required to build an effective partnership between employee, employer and OH3, enhancing trust between all, helping to calm potentially volatile situations. OH3 believe firmly that employee and employer are firmly dependent on each other and that good working relationships and communication are the bedrock of any successful organisation.

You can be assured that every OH professional working for or on behalf of OH3 will have the skills, qualifications and experience needed to help your business achieve its objectives.

In every good occupational health consultation, we believe there are usually three people at least working hard to help employees back to full health and to thrive with the health they have.

An employee with a health problem trying to return to or cope with their job/
A supportive manager who is working hard to support the employee whilst also trying to maintain cover for them and keep production levels up.

A dedicated OH3 health professional helping them by assessing and advising the employee on effective investigation, treatment and rehabilitation and providing the manager with effective management reports about their health, capacity for work tasks and potential for adjustments at work if available.