Doctors Services

Employee sickness absence creates huge problems for companies. Whether employees are off sick short or long term, companies may not know for how long, or if they are ever going to be fit to return to work. OH3 provides full OH assessments for Management referrals and comprehensive management reports.

OH3 Ltd can assess your employees if you need advice on whether or not they are suitable for Ill Health Retirement. This requires them generally to have a medical condition which is permanent and for which they have exhausted all possible lines of investigation and treatment


  • Medication Advice Service


Some prescription  medicines can have side effects that can affect a person’s  performance, productivity and ability to conduct their job safely which raises safety issues for them , their colleagues or in certain industries such as driving, the general public.

OH3 provide various organisations and individuals with a rapid appointment system for OGUK Offshore Medicals (previously known as UKOOA). Employees will need to pass this examination in order to work offshore.


  • Telephone Medical Assessments (UK & Overseas)


OH3 telephone assessments are an invaluable tool for Human Resource and line managers. These comprehensive consultations cover a wide range of psychological and physical problems.  The consultation takes approximately 45 minutes and the company will receive a comprehensive report with clear advice and recommendations as with a face to face consultation.