Absence Management

Employee Absence Management

Employee sickness absence creates huge problems for companies. Whether employees are off sick short or long term, companies often don’t know for how long, or if they are ever going to be fit to return to work.

To manage employees, a manager requires full, accurate answers to manage the absence in a legally sound way – which must be helpful to the employee, the human resource manager, the employee’s departmental manager and any other stakeholder.

OH3 offer appointments within 7 working days and reports are returned within two days (if employee does not request a copy first)


OH3 ‘s comprehensive medical assessment and report answers these questions in a way which meets all the needs of employer and employee, enhancing the partnership between the two, caring for and supporting the employee whilst allowing managers to manage.

Each assessment covers

1. What is the diagnosis, severity and prognosis?

2.  When, if ever, will the employee be fit to return to normal duties and be able to give full effective service?

3.Would recuperative duties be helpful to maximise the chances of a successful, sustained or earlier return to work and for how long?

4.  Is this person’s condition likely to be covered by the Equality Act 2010?

5. If the Equality Act applies, what adjustments to the hours, duties or working environment, if any, would be medically required or desirable to enable this employee to continue in the role (note-it is up to the company to decide whether or not it can accommodate these ‘reasonably’)

6. Are there any other supportive measures the company could consider which may help the employee e.g. physiotherapy, counselling, problem at work?

7. Was this problem caused or exacerbated by work?

8. Frequent and/or short-term absences only?

a. Is there any underlying medical reason for these absences?

b. Are you able to advise on any measures which may improve this employee’s level of absence?

c. What will the likely level of absence be in the future in relation to this, or any other relevant condition?


During the consultation the doctor will give your employee advice in relation to the management of their condition and information on self help techniques and prevention strategies to minimise future episodes.

Management will receive a comprehensive report and clear guidance based on these questions.

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