Telephone Medical Assessments (UK & Overseas)

OH3 telephone assessments are an invaluable tool for Human Resource and line managers. These comprehensive consultations cover a wide range of psychological and physical problems.  The consultation takes approximately 45 minutes and the company will receive a comprehensive report with clear advice and recommendations as with a face to face consultation.

The use of teleconsultation assessments is growing and companies are seeing the benefits of using this service in the UK and overseas especially when employing remote and overseas workers. The main benefits are;

NO DISTANCE : No need for your employee to travel long distances to attend an appointment or miss time from work.

FASTER APPOINTMENTS: We can offer same day or next day appointments.

WIDER TIMEFRAME: Supportive assessments can be conducted between 5pm and 7pm if required after employees have returned home from doctor/hospital appointments or at the start of evening shifts.

EMPLOYEES ARE LESS STRESSED: At least one third of our workload is employees suffering from stress and people can often get anxious just travelling to visit a medical appointment, considering traffic, finding premises etc. Conducting the assessment from their own home can reduce this stress.

FASTER MANAGEMENT REPORTS- Reducing the waiting time for consultations means faster management reports. Often managers receive very little notice that the employee is returning and may be unsure if the employee can fulfil their full duties safely on return especially after a period of prolonged absence or injury. We can assess your employee’s fitness to return to work and advise on rehabilitation plans and restrictive duties if appropriate to ensure the safe return of your employee to the workplace.

There will be times when an employee will need a face to face medical with an occupational health Physician and on assessing your referral we can advise what type of assessment is appropriate.

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Telephone Medical assessments – Rapid response and turnaround