Online DSE Training and Assessments with Nurse evaluation

At OH3 Ltd, we are proud to offer our online DSE user program.

This allows employees who use Display Screens to have this essential evaluation of their workstation by working through our comprehensive online program. This can carried out from a desktop computer, laptop or even on your iphone or android phone.

The HSE require an evaluation of every workstation and ideally this is done via a face to face evaluation with a trained health professional. Our OH nurses are fully trained in conducting these assessments and can visit your worksite to conduct them at a time convenient to your workers.

If you are looking for an even more cost effective and convenient method, why not try our Online Training package. With clear explanations and workstation ideals, together with attractive and colourful images, our program is voted by over 99% of users as comprehensive, clear, relevant and useful, with a 50% split between those who ‘Agreed’ or ‘Strongly agreed’.

At the end of the course is a short assessment to ensure DSE users have mastered the techniques required to undertakeĀ an evaluation of their workstation and make appropriate changes to it. So far over 98% achieve a pass in all questions.

On completion of the package, your employee’s assessment is sent directly to our OH nurse manager for evaluation of all responses. Anyone who has any queries or concerns, is contacted by telephone in the first instance for further evaluation fo any problems they have. If we feel it is needed or indeed if they have requested one, they can then progress to a face to face assessement.