Health Surveillance

If any of your employees use hand-held power tools (ie, hammer drills, polishers, sanders, grinders) you may need health surveillance to comply with the regulations to help protect your employees.  OH3 can advise your organisation on the level of assessments you require.

If your organisation’s risk assessment of noise at work shows your staff are at risk of damaging their hearing, you need to implement a hearing health surveillance program. As well as helping to protect your employees’ hearing, this can also protect your organisation from future litigation.

Isocyanates are used in  various types of products such as paints, foam and glues. If employees are exposed to isocyanates it can cause sensitisation and may lead to occupational asthma.

We offer two types of night worker assessments. The first is a questionnaire screening assessment. The questionnaires are distributed to staff to complete and return to OH3 for assessment by one of our Occupational Health Advisors.  If they have elected to have a health medical then the company will be informed and an appointed offered at a time to suit the employee.  If any health issues are indicated on the form the employee will receive a follow up appointment either by telephone assessment for a face to face medical and the company will receive a report which will detail any necessary adjustments.

If your employees’ work with chemicals or dust that can be irritating to the respiratory systems or can cause sensitisation by inhalation they may need regular respiratory health surveillance medicals.

Employees exposed to specific chemicals, oils, dusts, latex or whose hands are frequently wet can develop allergic skin reactions.   If left untreated these conditions may become chronic and permanent which may lead to the employee being unable to work and the risk of litigation. If work sensitisers are the cause then it may be reportable under RIDDOR.