HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration) Medical

HAVS medical assessment

If any of your employees use hand-held power tools (ie, hammer drills, polishers, sanders, grinders) you may need health surveillance to comply with the regulations to help protect your employees.  OH3 can advise your organisation on the level of assessments you require.

The assessments are carried out by our HSL vibration trained occupational health physicians and OH advisors. The results contain detailed review recommendations and staging as per Stockholm grading is given and the implications for continued use of vibrating tools are given in the management report.

OH3 conduct the following Tier Assessments for HAVS assessments

Tier 1-Initial assessment before employee starts working with vibrating tools

Tier 2- Annual assessment

Tier 3- A detailed questionnaire and clinical tests conducted by a competently trained OHA

Tier 4- Assessment by a competently vibration trained OHP doctor resulting in a clinical diagnosis ( Stockholm grading). This may result is in the diagnosis being reported by the employer under RIDDOR .

Tier 5 ( We can refer on to a specialist centre of a Tier 5 staging assessment for advanced cases, we manage the whole process from start to finish)

Employees undergoing these assessments will need periodic reviews, the frequency of which will depend on their risk, clinical need and HSE guidelines.

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