Audiometry & Hearing Testing

If your organisation’s risk assessment of noise at work shows your staff are at risk of damaging their hearing, you need to implement a hearing occupational health surveillance program including audiometry testing. As well as helping to protect your employees’ hearing, this can also protect your organisation from future litigation.

Chiefly based in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, as well as the Central Belt of Scotland, OH3’s hearing & audiometry test programs are compliant with HSE health screening requirements, and are . The tests will identify any hearing loss and we assess if this could be related to exposure to noise at work or due to other factors such as the individual’s hobbies or medical factors. The programme will also aid the company in determining if your exposure controls are effective.

Screening should be done at the start of employment to record a baseline measurement and then as indicated by risk assessment. The employee’s results are retained by OH3 and comparisons are made at subsequent visits to look for any deterioration in hearing.

Each Occupational Health hearing & audiometry test appointment takes 15-20 minutes and involves a specific health questionnaire, audiometric test, explanation of test to employee and advice on hearing protection. We can conduct these sites around the UK onsite to minimise disruption to the company, all we need is a very quiet room.

On completion of the program the company will receive a summarised report. If any deterioration of hearing is identified the individual is referred to the GP or Occupational Health Physician as indicated.

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