Isocyanate Testing

Isocyanates are used in  various types of products such as paints, foam and glues. If employees are exposed to isocyanates it can cause sensitisation and may lead to occupational asthma.

If employees are working with products containing isocyanates we recommend that this test is conducted as part of their health surveillance program.

Isocyanate screening is a specific urine test which is sent to a biological monitoring laboratory to assess the exposure by measurement of the isocyanate breakdown products in the sample.  The results are then returned to OH3 and the company and individual receive a report.

The collection of the samples can be organised by one of our nurses when onsite or we can send employees the urine sample pack (simple instructions, sample kit, consent and postal forms) and they can send the sample direct to the laboratory. The results are sent to OH3 for reporting.

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