Respiratory Surveillance / Sensitizers

If your employees’ work with chemicals or dust that can be irritating to the respiratory systems or can cause sensitisation by inhalation they may need regular respiratory health surveillance medicals.

OH3’s respiratory surveillance medicals include the assessment of a health questionnaire and spirometry testing (lung function test). The tests take 15 to 20 minutes per person and can be conducted onsite for larger companies to minimise time away from work.  We can also arrange follow- up appointments and individuals at our appointed clinics.

At OH3 we can conduct screening programmes that are tailored to the requirements of the organisation, taking in to account the hazards, how often employees are exposed and an individual’s health status.

If any employee has abnormal results at the screening they will be referred to their GP if non-work related or to one of our OH physicians for further advice and assessment.

The company will be updated at every step of the process.

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