Skin Assessment health surveillance

Skin assessments

Employees exposed to specific chemicals, oils, dusts, latex or whose hands are frequently wet can develop allergic skin reactions.   If left untreated these conditions may become chronic and permanent which may lead to the employee being unable to work and the risk of litigation. If work sensitisers are the cause then it may be reportable under RIDDOR

OH3 conduct skin checks as part of a health surveillance program.  This involves the employee completing a detailed skin specific questionnaire, examination of exposed skin areas and advice on skin care.  If skin problems are identified then the employee can be referred to their GP or an OH physician depending on the condition.

By conducting these assessments we can also advise the company on how effective their control measures and PPE are.

The questionnaire and skin assessment takes in the region of 15 minutes per appointment and can be conducted at the company’s premises.

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