Offshore Medical Assessments

OGUK medicals - same day/next day wherever possible

Offshore medical assessments – Newcastle-upon-Tyne

OH3 provide various organisations and individuals with a rapid appointment system for OGUK Offshore Medicals (previously known as UKOOA). Employees will need to pass this examination in order to work offshore.

The certificate is issued at the end of the appointment and is valid for two years. In the event that employee does not pass or restrictions are required then the doctor will explain this to the employee and issue the relevant certificate. Employees must bring photo ID to the appointment which takes 45-60 minutes.

Occasionally employers ask for a drug and alcohol test to be conducted at the appointment, this is not standard as part of the OGUK medical but can be arranged at the request of the employer at booking.

Norwegian Medical

The Norwegian Medical Certificate can be issued at the same time as an OGUK or booked in as a separate medical.


Information About OGUK (Oil & Gas UK Offshore Medical)

The OGUK Offshore Medical (formerly known as a UKOOA) is required by law to work offshore in UK Waters.

Medical Content

  • Health Questionnaire

  • Blood pressure and pulse reading

  • Vision test, including Colour Vision

  • Hearing test – audiometric

  • Height and weight check, in order to calculate your BMI

  • Urine Sample

  • Peak flow measurement

  • Medical examination


Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. Your assessment will take approximately 45mins – 1 hour. On arrival please report to Reception and ask for OH3.

Please bring along details of any prescribed medication that you are currently taking.

When attending a medical with OH3 please bring photo identification with you, we will accept: Passport, Driving Licence or Company ID.

You will be given a questionnaire to complete.

You will be asked to provide a urine sample so please make sure you drink plenty prior to your appointment. Depending on your employer’s policy you may also require a drug and/or alcohol test although this is not routinely carried out during an OGUK medical, only if specifically asked for by your employer. If you wear glasses, contact lenses or require a hearing aid, we ask that you bring these along too.

If you have any queries please call OH3 on 0191 653 1001


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