Other Services

Employers know all too well how many of their employees suffer emotional stress and may go off sick because of this or struggle to stay at work. Fortunately, early referral to occupational health for them can help them back to full health quickly and give them the help and support they need to return to full mental health, work and performance.

Our advisors conduct the assessment at your employee’s desk and take into account the VDU, the desk, the type of mouse, the chair and working environment. They also consult with the employee about previous or current health problems which may be exacerbated by their workstation set-up such as back pain, headaches or upper limb problems.

OH3 Ltd is pleased to provide supportive management training at your work-site, on any health related topics relevant to managers including the Equality Act 2010. This requires that managers be aware of the disability needs of their team and have them assessed if need be by Occupational Health.

OH3 provide workplace mediation services to resolve complex and challenging disputes arising between employees.  The service includes business case preparation to support the application of mediation in your organisation / company.