DSE Workstation Assessments

At OH3 our specially trained occupational health advisors and physiotherapists conduct DSE workstation assessments for clients around the UK.

Our advisors conduct the assessment at your employee’s desk and take into account the VDU, the desk, the type of mouse, the chair and working environment. They also consult with the employee about previous or current health problems which may be exacerbated by their workstation set-up such as back pain, headaches or upper limb problems.

We provide a detailed report with recommended adjustments or changes to the person’s workstation and advice on medical/therapy intervention if required.

We would recommend early referral for a detailed workstation assessment for employees presenting with any of the following scenarios:

At start of employment if they have a previous history of back or upper limb problems.
Return to work following surgery or an illness
Complaining of onset of back or upper limb symptoms
Complaining of frequent headaches

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