Stress Management

Mental health problems including stress, depression and anxiety are one of the faster growing reasons for absenteeism. Over a third of our referrals are for stress related illnesses.  Stress can become a problem at work for any number of reasons including threat of redundancy, changes in work patterns, high workload and low workforce moral.

A certain amount of Stress can be a very positive thing, helping us achieve optimal levels of performance, which is desirable for employee and company alike. However once stress has reached a certain level, it no longer enhances performance but starts to adversely affect it.

At this stage, there is a “slippery slope” where any increase stress can have an adverse effect on an employee’s health. This is when problems such as anxiety and depression manifest, common reasons why employees take time off work.

Work can sometimes be the problem but also plays an important role in the recovery of the employee. Early referral to occupational health as soon as an employee flags up a problem or is off work can provide the support and treatment for your employee as well as valuable management advice. Early intervention through occupational health is shown to reduce the amount time an employee is absent from work.

OH3 can help your organisation manage stress in the following ways

Work Place Stress Audit

Stress Policy development in partnership with the client

Stress awareness training for employees

Stress management Training for managers

Early intervention doctor referrals

Counselling (including CBT)