Work Place Mediation

OH3 provide workplace mediation services to resolve complex and challenging disputes arising between employees.  The service includes business case preparation to support the application of mediation in your organisation / company.

OH3 workplace mediation services resolve interpersonal conflict between employees arising from allegations of bullying, unacceptable workplace behaviours and serious disagreements.

Workplace grievances are costly for employers in terms of management costs with an estimated cost of 31K for a company to manage an employee’s initial grievance to Industrial Tribunal Stage.  The costs to employee’s wellbeing from escalating disputes at work can be vast in relation to increased stress, anxiety and resulting absenteeism.

33BN pounds per year are lost to the UK businesses as a result of workplace conflict and poor resolution outcomes.   Mediation is a powerful cost effective intervention to handle conflict situations. Restoring working relationships quickly has long term benefits to organisations in facilitating and maintaining productive working relationships.

“Mediation is where an impartial third party, the mediator, helps two or more people in dispute to attempt to reach an agreement.  Any agreement comes from those in dispute, not from the mediator.  The mediator is not there to judge, to say one person is right and the other wrong or to tell those involved what they should do.  The mediator is in charge of the process of seeking to resolve the problem but not the outcome “CIPD Mediation.  An Employers Guide.

Mediation usually takes place over a period of one full day.  Trained mediators using the prevent, resolve and transform model of mediation will facilitate your employees to speedy resolution.  90% of disputes are usually resolved in one session allowing your employees and company to return to healthy and productive relationships.

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