OH3 Personal Health Assessments

To look after others, we must first look after ourselves;

Our health 

Our happiness

Our home life and work balance

Our comprehensive health screening medicals can be provided onsite if your organisation has suitable facilities or at one of our conveniently located consulting suites around the country.

These senior management medicals are designed to help with the early detection of health problems and diseases and also cover psychological health and general lifestyle.

Each assessment includes quality time with the nurse or doctor depending on the type of medical chosen. Your OH3 doctor or nurse will discuss your health results with you and if you have had blood tests in your medical the results will be explained in your confidential medical report. These medicals are an opportunity to discuss any health issues that are worrying you and are also a great springboard to improving your health and wellbeing.

You will receive a confidential health report confirming all your results and recommendations and advice and also a report to your GP if further investigations or treatment are required. It is important to follow up on any recommendations as early health intervention can help your chances for catching and treating diseases in early stages and minimising the risk of future health problems.

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