Physiotherapy Services

Early intervention and treatment is important when managing musculoskeletal problems. Employees often have to wait weeks or months for an NHS physiotherapist appointment which can prolong the pain and discomfort of the employee and lengthen the time the employee is off work.

Rapid referral for physiotherapy treatment can assist an employee back to work earlier or maintain them at work whilst completing a rehabilitation program.

OH3 can provide onsite physiotherapy clinics or appointments with our affiliate clinics around the uk.

Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the most common causes of sickness absence. OH3 provides client’s with an occupational health focused physiotherapy service. Our aim is to reduce sickness absence caused by musculoskeletal problems or work related injuries. This ultimately results in a reduction in absenteeism related costs to the organisation.

Research shows that early OH intervention and physiotherapy treatment can reduce the number of days absent from work and is very cost effective. Referrals are taken for client’s suffering from work-related injury or musculoskeletal problems as well as implementing clear rehabilitation plans for the safe return of employee’s to work. The physiotherapist works closely with and liaises with the OH doctors and nurses involved in an employee’s return to work plan.

Through our UK wide strategic partnerships we can provide onsite clinics at the workplace or at venue close by. Our services are tailored to your organisations requirements, taking into account the type of industry and the number of employees.

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