Wishing all our clients a happy xmas and even better New Year!

Know your numbers

Know your numbers

And watch out for our “Know your numbers” campaign which will be kicking off in the New Year. Yes, January is the time to pack up the pud, chuck out the chocolates and hit the gym. Or why not just stay in the house to stay in shape if its too cold to go out?

At OH3 we recommend having a variety of exercises you can do in the house, using exercise DVDs or You Tube clips, a Wii Fit or rescuing the cycle machine from the garage and sticking it in front of the TV (or maybe in front of the fridge!!).

Any way it works for you, we need to reduce the carbs and the fat in the January diet and increase exercise. Its not rocket science but it does work a treat. Any fat you take off your middle will reduce the fat inside the body too, and that will improve your overall risk of heart disease. One more tiger in the forest slain!

Some people if struggling with the above can sign up for programs like Slimmers World (other brands are available!) or the GI diet. Cutting down on starchy carbs, sugar and alcohol is usually all it takes, especially if you keep an eye on portion size.

If your workplace has access to an OH3 nurse onsite or clinic, why not sign up a ‘Know your numbers’ medical and we’ll assess and advise. We aim to offer a reasonably priced nurse medical with BP, BMI and blood cholesterol among others. So enjoy Xmas, knowing you can burn it off quite easily in January. Seasons Greetings from OH3!!!!