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Covid-19 fitness to travel – Frequently asked questions and information

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Covid-19 testing for employees

COVID-19 Fitness to Travel – Frequently Asked Questions and Information

Our coronavirus (COVID-19) testing is designed for employees, not for those who are undertaking leisure travel.

What type of test is it?

Our fitness to fly assessment test / employment test is a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) reverse transcriptase real-time PCR swab.

How much does a fit to fly test / certification cost?

OH3 charge £180.00 per person for the PCR swab test conducted by trained health professionals at the OH3 occupational health clinic in Newcastle upon Tyne.

OH3 charge £75.00 for a fit to fly assessment if this is required which is conducted by one of our travel nurses, this involves assessment of travel health questionnaire and advice on travel health and precautions.

If you require both assessments we can offer a special cost of the combined assessment for £240.00

What is the turnaround for the test results and certificates?

We aim to provide you with your results as soon as is possible. The tests are collected from our clinic by tracked courier and taken to the accredited Randox Laboratory.

The results come directly to OH3 and your certificate is issued within 72 hours of the test (usually 48 hours).

When can I get a PCR swab or Fit to Fly certificate?

We can offer appointments Monday to Friday before 3.30 pm to ensure same day courier collection.

How will I get my results?

You will receive your results and fitness to fly assessment by secure email. The passcode will be sent by text to your phone.

Your results will be back within 72 hours from receipt of your sample. In the very unlikely event that your results are not back within 72 hours OH3 would refund your test fee in full. We are not liable for any other associated costs should your results be delayed.

How is the sample taken?

The health professional will need to take a swab from your throat and nose, it is slightly uncomfortable but does not hurt. The staff will be wearing PPE and you should also arrive with a face mask to wear whilst in the clinic, you will be issued with gloves to wear.

What dates will be shown on my fitness to fly assessment?

Your fitness to fly assessment will show the date which the sample was taken was reported on.

What if my result is positive?

Should your results be positive we shall of course notify you right away as you would be required to self isolate immediately and following the current Government Track and Trace re-porting process.

What identification do I need?

Please bring photo identification with you when you attend your appointment.

Can I get a certificate without a test?

We are only able to issue you with a fitness to fly assessment if you have a Covid-19 PCR test booked with OH3 Ltd.

Booking Details

To make an appointment at the clinic in Newcastle – call 0191 6531001

The address is: OH3, 172 New Bridge St, Newcastle, NE1 2TE

Clinic safety details during Covid-19

Please do not attend earlier than your allocated appointment slot as we can not allow you entry.

Do not attend if you or any of your household have any symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 persistent new cough, fever, loss of taste or smell, please advise the clinic and a full refund will be issued.

Please wear face coverings when attending.

Please note you will not be allowed to bring a companion to the appointment, chaperones are available if requested.

Follow the link here to see our COVID-19 occupational health at work advice. You can also see our COVID-19 occupational health testing, with services designed for employees and employers during the current coronavirus pandemic.

We look forward to welcoming you.