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Clinical Governance

Newcastle & Edinburgh Occupational Health Provider

Clinical governance at our Newcastle & Edinburgh occupational health clinics

An occupational health practice with consistently high standards of clinical governance

Clinical governance is a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care. The term was first used within the National Health Service (NHS) and became important in health care to address the variations in standards of care across the UK. It can be thought of under the following;

A framework through which health organisations are accountable for continually improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.

This definition is intended to embody three key attributes: recognisably high standards of care, transparent responsibility and accountability for those standards with a constant dynamic of improvement.

In addition, our service is approved by SEQOHS (Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service) run by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, which requires excellence in clinical governance to be in place for all staff. This is an external measure of how seriously we take clinical governance in OH3 and ensures we are adhering to the highest national standard for occupational health in this regard.

Newcastle and Edinburgh Occupational Health Provider
Safety Critical Medicals

Occupational health provider, SEQOHS Accredited service

OH3 is fully committed to rigorous standards and provides clinical governance in the delivery of all services. Our system of supportive clinical accountability means every clinical staff member has a direct line manager who is a senior practitioner in their field, usually the Nurse Manager who in turn is directly accountable to and supported by the Clinical Director.

Training relevant to each practitioner’s practice is checked and provided on an ongoing basis and important updates delivered in regular clinical meetings. Though clinical governance is intended primarily to monitor and support clinical staff, other staff such as administrators are also covered with initial and regular training on important areas such as data confidentiality.

OH3 Ltd are proud to announce that we have received our SEQOHS accreditation certificate after our annual assessment, which is the quality accreditation from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine. Well done to all the members of our team, admin and clinical whom provide an excellent service to all our clients, small or large.

SEQOHS & Occupational Health
Safe Effective Occupational Health Service OH3

Our partner organisations in delivering high standards of occupational health

We work with various standards and regulatory bodies to ensure rigorously high quality standards are maintained.

OH3 is a member of the Society of Occupational Medicine which support standards and education for our occupational health and well-being professionals. 

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office which require rigorous data protection practises.

Our clinical director is appointed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in order to carry out approved seafarer medicals and our health surveillance is delivered in-line with Health and Safety Executive regulations and guidance. 

Feedback drives our consistently high levels of occupational health service

As part of achieving consistently high standards of clinical governance at OH3 we record feedback from all of our occupational health appointments, both at our Newcastle and Edinburgh occupational health clinics and onsite with clients around the UK. This feedback is taken quickly and conveniently by use of an IPad in our reception area at the end of every appointment and is formed of a series of questions and comments that enable us to track how high our service delivery is. This is an important part of achieving SEQOHS accreditation for our occupational health clinic and ensures that we can track our achievement in delivering consistently high standards of client service by responding quickly to any issues that clients may have, should they arise.

As well as our face to face medicals we also run a range of online medical assessments, such as our Display Screen Equipment assessment, which is ideal to ensure that you prevent how you use your workstation from causing any ill-health to you while at work. At the end of these online assessments we seek feedback from those who have just undertaken the module about how we can improve this and how they felt the module went and if it was informative and educational for them.

Additional areas of feedback that we endure to collect are from HR professionals who refer their employees onto our service as well as onsite clinic feedback when our Occupational Health Nurse team are working with our clients at their sites.

This rigorous drive to collect feedback enables us to fully understand the needs of our clients and ensure we can adapt where required to maintain the highest possible levels of service. This is an important aspect of our clinical governance and we are proud to share our feedback from clients at the bottom of each of our website pages for you to view.

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Occupational health service testimonials

Below is feedback from our occupational health clients:


Clinic Feedback:

“Very Good, professional and friendly. Thanks”


Clinic Feedback:

“Lovely visit, very fast and efficient. Friendly staff”


Clinic Feedback:

“Very professional and extremely polite at all times”


Clinic Feedback:

“Very good service – always treated with respect”