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New Starter Medical

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New Starter Medical Assessments

New Starter Medical Questionnaires

Our online new starter medical questionnaire assessments are easy to arrange for your organisation. Our questionnaires are unique to the job role of your employees. For example, an office or home-based employee’s questionnaire will have different sections for a sales employee, who may have to travel as part of their role and may require additional questions about driving or working abroad.

What are the benefits of conducting new starter assessments?

Conducting new starter medical assessments for your team offers many benefits for the health of your employees.

Baseline assessment

Obtaining a baseline assessment prior to the employee being exposed to any workplace hazards

Medical fitness

Assessing if the employee is medically fit to conduct the duties of the job role and assess that the proposed role will not adversely affect their health or exacerbate an existing condition

Job adjustments

Identify and recommend any adjustments that need to be made to allow the employee to perform their job role

Medical advice

Provide advice and recommendations to reduce or remove any risks identified

Arranging your new starter medicals

Arranging a new starter medical referral is a simple process, once we have established which questionnaires you need access to, you will be sent a referral link to use. Each time you have a new employee starting within your organisation, you complete the short referral form and it will send a link to the employee to complete a confidential health questionnaire. Once they submit the form, it is sent securely direct to OH3 and will be assessed by one of our Occupational Health Advisors (OHA) within 48 hrs. Your certificates will then be uploaded to your secure portal to access.

If the assessment of the questionnaire indicates any areas of concern or that require further assessment, we would recommend a follow up teleconsultation with an OHA and this would be recommended on the interim certificate.

The final certificate for the employee will detail either:

Fit for work

The employee is fit to attend work and carry out all duties

Fit for work with restrictions

The employee is fit to attend work and carry out restricted duties as outlined

Unfit for work

The employee is unfit to attend work

New starter medicals in Newcastle and Edinburgh 

OH3 can also provide onsite or clinic based new starter medical assessments for employees who may be exposed to potential work place risks such as noise, respiratory sensitisers and vibration. These medicals are roles specific and provide baseline assessments at point of entry to the company. We can advise what should be included in the assessments.

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