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Occupational Health Referral

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Occupational health referral for employees on sickness leave or employees at work

Sickness absence costs companies greatly each year and heavily impacts how organisations perform. Workplace stress is one of the leading causes of recurrent employee sickness absence, other conditions include musculo-skeletal health issues and injuries. To help companies deal with the damaging effects of high levels of employee sickness absence on their business productivity we can offer our absence management service, which is sometimes called case management or occupational health referrals by employers. With our occupational health referral service we help employers to provide the help that employees require in order to assist a safe return to work on either full or restricted duties for employees on long term sickness leave, with use of specific support such as our counselling and mental health services.

However, often our occupational health referrals are also importantly for employees who are still present at work but are going through a situation, due to either their mental or physical health, which will mean they are likely to be close to requiring a long period of absence. In these situations it is recommended that employers use our occupational health referral absence management assessments as soon as possible for their staff in order to both support the employee and help to reduce any possible imminent absence period that may occur.

The unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shown just how important it is to keep absence levels low in any organisation. Levels of absence in many organisations are currently very high, with many employees needing support from trained and experienced occupational health professionals to assist their return to work. At present it is clear that many workers are suffering stress and deterioration in their mental health.

If your organisation has multiple employees absent from work due to sickness or as a result of prolonged stress, you can request our occupational health referral for your employees. In order to support your colleagues, we are currently allowing organisations who need our support to take a one-off assessment if they wish to, with no need for an ongoing contract.

This service is often called different names depending on the situation of the employee. Often employees requiring this service call this an occupational health referral, however employers often call this service a case management referral if the employee is requiring this service while still at work, or an employee absence management referral if the employee is off of work on sickness leave.

Referrals for employees on short and long-term sickness leave

Support your employees

Are you a HR or Line Manager who has one or more employees who are currently off sick? We can assist you back to full staffing levels.

Help employees back to work

Would you like to bring employees back to work on full duties or with support if need be or adjustments?

Reduce recovery periods

Would you like to provide employees with additional support at home to help expedite their recovery period? This support can include our counselling and mental health services. 

Full Doctor and Nurse assessment

Would you like a full assessment by an occupational health Doctor or Nurse from a SEQOHS approved occupational health provider?

Productivity Increase

You can increase both the morale of your team and the productivity of your organisation through use of our absence management service, supporting your colleagues back to work.

Reduce your absence levels

We offer a simple yet effective occupational health referral service to reduce sickness leave levels amongst your employees, this is for both short term and long term absences. 

Resolving employee long-term and short term sickness leave with occupational health referrals

OH3 can assess almost all conditions by video-consultation or phone, usually within 1-2 days and have a report back to you within 1-2 days of that assessment. Your employee doesn’t have to leave their own home or travel anywhere.

Each occupational health referral comes with its own booking/referral form and instructions for what kind of information we need to assess your employee, you can simply complete and click ‘submit’ which is all that is required. Our admin team will then do the rest, arranging an appointment time for an assessment very soon.

Occupational health services for employers

Choose your employee occupational health appointment

Why not try our service by giving us a ring today on 0191 640 9395 and book a teleconsultation with one of our team. Help support your employees back to work with a thorough assessment and report which will help go towards your risk assessment process and ensure compliance with Health and Safety as well as Disability legislation.

We look forward to being of service to you. 

Senior Nurse Assessment 

Occupational Health Nurse 

One off or multiple referrals welcome 
SEQOHS approved clinic
Telephone or video call
No need for your employee to travel

  • Assessment with Senior Nurse
  • Report available within two days
  • Standard illness cases, both physical and psychological
  • Initial assessment referred onto Occupational Health Doctor for more complex cases
  • Full report will cover the typical advice for phased return, lifting or safety restrictions for a period of time
Our Occupational Health Services
Occupational Health Physician assessment 

Occupational Health Doctor
One off or multiple referrals welcome SEQOHS approved clinic    
Telephone or video call
No need for your employee to travel

  • Standard illnesses or more complex assessments
  • Report available within two days
  • Cases where other issues may add to the complexity of medical problems
  • Covers cases where the diagnosis or full reason for absence may be in doubt and requires clarification
  • There may be more than 1-2 medical or psychological problems to unpick or social issues which could be exacerbating the medical problems
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