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Health Surveillance

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We are health surveillance specialists

OH3 can help you to maintain a healthy workforce through regular occupational health surveillance. We can manage the health requirements of your organisation, whether your company is a small vehicle repair garage or a large manufacturing plant.

A health surveillance programme is a series of recurring health checks on your employees, which in certain situations is required by law. This is to determine the health of your workforce if they are exposed to substances that could damage their health during the course of their work. These substances could be biological agents, solvents, ionising radiation, dusts, fumes or even noise and vibrations. We provide audiometry, spirometry, hand arm vibration (Havs) assessments and many more health surveillance medicals. 

At OH3 we understand that you need a service that can respond quickly to your occupational health requirements, our SEQOHS Accredited clinical team provide you with expert health surveillance provision for the management of employee health in the workplace.

Health surveillance; audiometry, spirometry and hand arm vibration (havs) assessments

At OH3 we provide the full remit of health surveillance services for many different types of high-risk industries to comply with health and safety legislation and promote health and wellbeing in the workforce through health surveillance medicals.

OH3 will work closely with your organisation to identify health risks, managing your health surveillance requirements to ensure that employees remain fit and healthy. This will safeguard your workforce from ill health due to their work whilst improving the health and safety performance of the company.

We can look after the employee health of large multi-site organisations or provide smaller organisations the services they require in order to implement an effective health surveillance system. This can be done from either our Newcastle or Edinburgh bases, or anywhere in the UK or with our mobile health unit.

You can see the comprehensive list of services that we offer below and how these types of health surveillance medical assessments protect employee health from certain risk factors, which includes audiometry, spirometry, hand arm vibration (Havs) assessments and many more. 

Health Surveillance Audiometry

If your organisation’s risk assessment of noise at work shows your staff are at risk of damaging their hearing, you need to implement a hearing occupational health surveillance program including audiometry testing. As well as helping to protect your employees hearing, this can also protect your organisation from future litigation.

OH3’s hearing test programs are compliant with HSE health screening requirements. The tests will identify any hearing loss and we assess if this could be related to exposure to noise at work or due to other factors such as the individual’s hobbies or medical factors. The program will also aid the company in determining if your exposure controls are effective.

Health Surveillance (Lung Function Tests)

If your employees work with chemicals or dust that can be irritating to the respiratory system or can cause sensitisation by inhalation they may need regular respiratory health surveillance medicals. OH3’s respiratory surveillance medicals include the assessment of a health questionnaire and spirometry testing (lung function test). The tests can be conducted onsite to minimise time away from work.

A spirometry test is a simple way for our medical team to help monitor certain lung conditions by measuring the amount of air breathed out in one forced breath. The device used for this is called a spirometer which is connected by a cable to the mouthpiece which is breathed into. Spirometry may be suspended due to covid 19 risk assessment and this will be conducted by a respiratory health questionnaire and follow up consultation if indicated.

Health Surveillance Isocyanate Urine Screening

Isocyanates are used in various types of products such as paints, foam and glues. If employees are exposed to isocyanates it can cause sensitisation and may lead to occupational asthma. If employees are working with products containing isocyanates, this test is conducted as part of their health surveillance program.

Isocyanate screening is a specific urine test which is sent to a biological monitoring laboratory to assess the exposure by measurement of the isocyanate breakdown products in the sample.

Health Surveillance Skin Assessments

Employees exposed to specific chemicals, oils, dusts, latex or whose hands are frequently wet can develop allergic skin reactions. If left untreated these conditions may become chronic and permanent which may lead to the employee being unable to work and the risk of litigation. If work sensitisers are the cause then it may be reportable under RIDDOR. OH3 conduct skin checks as part of a health surveillance program. This involves the employee completing a detailed skin specific questionnaire, examination of exposed skin areas and advice on skin care.

Hand Arm Vibration (Havs) Assessments

If any of your employees use hand-held power tools (i.e, hammer drills, polishers, sanders, grinders) you may need health surveillance to comply with the regulations to help protect your employees. OH3 can advise your organisation on the level of assessments you require.

The Tier 4 Assessment and report contains detailed review recommendations and staging as per Stockholm grading, implications for continued use of vibrating tools are given in the management report. OH3 conduct the Tier Assessments 1-4 HAVS assessments.

Other Occupational Health Services

OH3 is an occupational health provider that is well placed to look after your entire occupational health needs. Not only do we specialise in health surveillance medicals, but we can also provide a range of other occupational health assessments such as safety critical medicals. We provide these also alongside new-starter medicals, onsite DSE assessments for employees working at desks, night worker assessments as well as teleconsultations for absence management, helping you to reduce sickness leave within your organisation. Finally, we also offer counselling and mental health support, providing a comprehensive occupational health service that employers and HR teams can rely on.

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SEQOHS Accredited Health Surveillance

High quality occupational health surveillance

For many years OH3 has been a leading provider of health surveillance services such as audiometry, spirometry and hand arm vibration (Havs) assessments. Protecting the health of employees in our clinics in Newcastle and Edinburgh. This is as well as working UK-wide with use of our mobile health unit and by providing our health surveillance medicals onsite at our client’s premises.

OH3 is proud to have achieved our reaccreditation for SEQOHS, which is the quality accreditation from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

We have been commended for our proactive approach and excellent feedback. A huge thanks goes to all of our clinical and non-clinical team for their professionalism, helpfulness and quality of service delivery that they provide on a daily basis.

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