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Occupational health blog, our advice and guidance for employers and organisations

Occupational health is defined as: the branch of medicine dealing with the prevention and treatment of job-related injuries and illnesses. Our blog aims to share our years of expertise and to provide advice and guidance, this is so employers and organisations can implement best practises to ensure that the physical health and mental well-being of their employees is properly catered for and safeguarded.

Our articles will seek to educate our readers on why proper occupational health is required, what provisions employers should make for occupational health, what they must have in place by law, what is good to have in place to optimise performance and to protect the safety of employees, as well as what requirements are nice to have in place for the well-being of their staff. We will also look to answer many questions which our readers will have in relation to occupational health, such as; what to do if you have a colleague off of work on long term sick leave, with discussion on how best to support the colleague in their recovery back to work. 

Work related stress

Reducing workplace stress

Workplace stress is a growing problem in the UK, employers have a duty by law to act to identify and prevent workplace stress amongst their employees, in this article we look to identify what workplace stress is and what can be done by employers to mitigate this, including the role of occupational health in providing a solution.

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Occupational Health Assessment

Occupational Health Absence Assessment Teleconsultations

In our latest article we look at occupational health absence assessments, asking if they can be done thoroughly and safely by phone or by video call, and if so, how does this work? We look at how important it is to delivery occupational health via teleconsultation where appropriate now following coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing and outline the procedure and considerations involved with this type of occupational health service.

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