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Occupational Health Physician at desk

Helping employees on sickness leave return to work

In our latest article, we share ten valuable tips for helping employees away from work on sickness leave back to work safely, quickly and efficiently. Employee absence is a big problem for companies trying to forge ahead in a post-pandemic world. Having some of your team off work on sickness leave will make your organisation’s recovery from the covid pandemic more difficult. Get the advice you need on what to do if you are a manager or HR professional with employees on sickness leave.

Edinburgh Occupational Health

Occupational health in Edinburgh and why this is important

We have recently expanded our occupational health centre in central Edinburgh and are carrying out absence management assessments, health surveillance medicals and safety critical worker medicals. In our latest blog we look at what occupational health is, why this is important for businesses, what SEQOHS accreditation is and our new occupational medical clinic in Edinburgh.

Health surveillance

Why do my employees need workplace health surveillance?

In our latest occupational health article we learn about workplace health surveillance. Here we give employers, management and HR professional information about whether the employees that they are responsible for require this. We outline the different types of health surveillance medicals for different risks and allow you to understand the health surveillance needs of your organisation.

Occupational Health Scotland

Expanding our Edinburgh clinic, occupational health in Scotland

We are expanding our presence in Edinburgh on the 13th of March as we move into a new occupational health clinic. Our team at OH3 are excited to be able to provide our SEQOHS range of occupational health services to our clients from our new base in central Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

Homeworking DSE health

Homeworking and display screen equipment (DSE) health

Are you working from home? It is important to maintain correct display screen equipment (DSE) use, even while working from home. This is to prevent future health problems occurring such as; wrist, neck and back pain as well as headaches, eyesight issues, eye strain and dry eyes alongside increased fatigue.

Occupational Health Assessment

Occupational Health Absence Assessment Teleconsultations

In this article we look at occupational health absence assessments, asking if they can be done thoroughly and safely by phone or by video call, and if so, how does this work? We look at the benefits of occupational health teleconsultations where appropriate and considerations involved with this type of occupational health service.

Occupational Health Absence Management

Reduce employee long term sickness absence (sickness absenteeism)

Here we share our years of occupational health expertise in helping HR Departments and Management Teams to handle employee absence successfully for both the employee in terms of their recovery and for the business.